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How Can Event Rentals improve your party planning experience and makes it stress-free.


No matter what time of year it is, hosting a party is always a magnificent affair. You get to gather up friends, family, coworkers, and anyone else you’d like to enjoy the festivities. But it’s always important to remember that planning an event takes a lot of effort.

If you want your upcoming event to be the very best it can be, then you should consider using a party rental company for many of your supplies. Today, we’re going to explain how a professional company and the best event rentals will make your party a success.

Save Money by Renting

Many people don’t realize just how expensive a party can be if you purchase everything. When you add up the costs of a tent, tables, and chairs, dinnerware and flatware, catering equipment, concessions, dance floors, lighting, and everything else, you’re going to be spending a pretty penny. All of those items and many others can be rented for a fraction of the price.

Variety of Items Available

You might be amazed at how many different items are available at an event rental company. Some of the best event rentals include basic items like tents, tent accessories, tables and chairs, etc.

But this is only the beginning. You can also rent dance floors, audio and video equipment, stages, lighting, wedding arches, concessions like popcorn and cotton candy, etc. And many items like tables, chairs, dinnerware, and flatware come in a variety of styles.

There is no need to Borrow Items

Many people who don’t want to purchase a bunch of items will try to borrow them. Although this is a reasonable way to save money, you can run into a few problems.

Someone might not come through, which can leave you short of what you need. Or what you end up getting may not match very well. Problems with delivery and setup are also common.

Everything in One Place

No one wants to run all over town to get everything they need for their party, but that’s what typically happens. A party rental company isn’t going to have absolutely everything, but they’ll have a large percentage of the items needed for your event. Visiting just a single place will allow you to check a variety of items off your list, which will make the rest of your planning easier.

Delivery to Your Event

If you’re borrowing a bunch of items for your event, you can’t be sure that they’ll show up on time. A party rental company will take all the hassle out of it by offering delivery to your location. They’ll make sure that everything’s delivered by the agreed-upon time (and probably a bit early, in fact).

Set-Up and Take-Down

A party rental company won’t just drop everything off and leave. If anything needs to be set up, such as tents, tables, chairs, etc., they’ll do all that for you. They’ll also show you how to use certain types of items, such as catering equipment and concessions. Then, after the event has concluded, they’ll return to the location and take everything down for you.

Lowers Your Stress Level

Planning any kind of event can be extremely stressful. There are so many different things that you need to take care of that some people lose sleep at night and are constantly worried that something will go wrong. By renting several different items from a professional rental company, you can lower your stress level by having fewer items on your to-do list.

Saves You Tons of Time

As we’ve said, planning any kind of event takes tons of time. Even if you try to throw a shindig together at the last minute, you’re going to spend every waking hour thinking about it and figuring it all out. By renting several of the items you need at a single location, you’ll drastically reduce the time you need to spend getting all the supplies together.

Environmentally Friendly

Whenever you host an event, it’s important that you think about the environment around you. A professional event company will do everything it can to keep the landscape just as it was when they arrived. This includes carefully placing stakes in the ground for each tent, using recycled materials as needed, and cleaning up all of the equipment after the event.

Contact Jaydas Events & Rentals for the Best Event Rentals in Town.

Jaydas Events & Rentals carries a large variety of rentable items that will help make your next event a success. For any inquiries about event rental equipment in London and surroundings or if you’d like to reserve some items, call us at 02079717303 today.

Happy Party Planning 🥰

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